Chicago Game and Card specializes in working with Game Inventors to produce, print, manufacture, publish and bring to market their unique vision of a Boardgame, Card Game, Custom Playing Cards, Puzzle, Toy, or other printed or manufactured item.
Here you will find information we have compiled to help Game Inventors learn about what CGaC can do to get you started and on the path to success.

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You have a dream.. an idea..a concept for a game that will bring the gamemasters banging down your door. Dont let this opportunity pass you by... take your time and plan out your strategy, develop your game, and design the next great game for the masses.

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The concept of your boardgame or card game requires that you consider what you want to accomplish once you've printed and manufactured your game.

Many game inventors are looking for the next big game idea. To generate big sales, to get bought out or licensed by a major game company or simply high volume sales by self publishing.

Some inventors on the other hand, are happy to see a few games made that they can share with family, friends, colleagues, or even co-workers if its for corporate use.

As a game inventor, your plan of action, and your desire to accomplish the production of your game should be the driving force to assure a quality product that game players will enjoy.

Time and energy should be put into testing, revising and finalizing all aspects of your game so that the production and manufacturing stage is as smooth as possible. All too often these basic steps are not considered or handled in the most comprehensive fashion and are cut short due obstacles with time, money, and resources.

If we can impart one piece of advice based on our many years of experience, it would be to spend time to be as thorough as possible with your project plan for your game. You have already taken the initiative to create something, We want to make sure that you will be happy with the end result.

Our team of experienced professionals offers a truly white-glove experience to guide you through all aspects of the production process.

Make a prototype for play testing. Start on a napkin or a sheet of paper. Consider our standard board game kits or dry erase board game kits to stimulate the creative process. Speak to other inventors or gaming companies. People who might be able to give you insight into how your game should look, feel, and play. Try and attend the many toy and game shows to see what is going on in the marketplace.

If you have a clear idea of what you want, make sure your graphic designer is easy to work with so your ideas get transferred to the print files the way you want. All too often we have seen compromise on certain aspects of the development of the game and the gameplay and in the end, what is produced, is not what the game inventor really wanted.

The rules of your game should be clear, concise and easy to understand. We have produced games for our inventors and in some instances after the games are shipped, they find changes to be made to the rules. It is imperative that you play test often and with many different age groups to make sure all understand how to play.

Copyrights and patents for your game can be a way of protecting your idea. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements should be standard with everyone you consult with on the development of your game.

We offer game testing services, market research, and years of experience to deliver results and bring your vision to life.

If you have a good game plan and your development strategies are in order, the design of your game should be relatively easy.

A good graphic designer, artist, or creative person can assist you in making the graphics more interesting, high-profile looking and attention-getting for prospective players.

Take into consideration how you plan to sell the game - on your own website, through bricks+mortar locations, issuing a catalog, direct mail or to a major game company - all could impact the final size and look of your graphics, the game box & packaging, and the entire game.

It is always good to do your due diligence and research as to what is currently available in the market for anything comparable to your game and try to learn from these games. You do not want to duplicate big games that are owned by major companies who have been on the market for some time.

Once you have a physical hard copy of your game, play testing becomes the most important part of your game development. Weather you do this on your own (and as previously stated, you can never do enough with different age groups), or you hire a consulting firm to run a focus group (call us for an estimate), make sure you get good input and reaction to the rules, game play, and overall look and feel of the game.

Once you produce the games, you will have to make due with whatever issues that might come up. Prototypes are essential before you decide on a production run of your game.

CGaC can help create the graphics, components, and other design elements needed to produce your Game.


The manufacturing of your game is the most intense aspect in bringing your game to market, and by far the most difficult for inventors to navigate.

Learn more about our range of printing, manufacturing and production services by clicking below, or call us today!

4. Printing your Game

Print production is the first process in the manufacturing of any card or board game and it is the most intricate, important, and detail-oriented aspect of your game production.

Here you will select the types of materials being utilized for your game components. You will also need to determine the various printing, coating, diecutting, and finishing operations needed to manufacture your game. Materials like, paper, cardboard, chipboard, plastic, composite, wood to name a few; or coating options, like, acqueous, UV, laminate, dull, gloss, matt, linen finishes; and diecutting options like, embossing, foil stamping, round corners, thermography - all of which will enhance the final look adn feel of the game.

There are many production options that will impact the quality and cost-effectiveness for the overall look and feel of your finished product.

We are here to help.

Our years of experience in the commercial print business, along with our years of consulting and working with game inventors will help you make the best decision for the production of your game within your budget.
5. Manufacturing the Game

The actual manufacturing of the cards, tuck box, gameboard, components and other parts of your game require due diligence to make sure that the quality of materials will give you the look you want, the durability you need, and the fully assembled game all at the estimated costs to meet your budget.

We offer USA and overseas printing and manufacturing options to meet any budget
6. Assembly of your Game

The last process in the production of your game requires a lot of thought on what look the inside of your game box should contain. Even if you are only making a deck of cards, the box type and design are important factors. Whether it be a tuck box,one with a hang tag, a two piece box, tin etc, the overall size and look should be taken into account as to how you will market your game. Think about the impact you want the game to have at the point of purchase and when the gameplayers open the game for first time play.

Platforms and inserts in the game box to hold the components can be made of inexpensive chipboard, with simple construction, or elaborate pieces of E-flute to compartmentalize each of the components. Die cut foam can be an interesting and economical platform as well.

Our team can help you determine the best material based on your budget and the desired look.


Your new game is ready to be sold! What next? A lot depends on how many games you are selling, how fast you are looking to sell them, which markets you are trying to break into, and many other factors.

Talk to our experts ready to offer advice on marketing & distribution today!

7. Publishing Your Game

This will mean different things to each game depending on the situation and the markets you are trying to reach with your game . We specialize in self publishing, meaning we behave more like a supplier for you to utilize for the production, printing, and manufacturing process, leaving you with full control over how the game will be sold or marketed.

In some cases, the games won't even be brought to market, they are simply used for personal reasons, or for a specific group. We have created games for corporate training and social building exercises, for educational institutions and for fundraising purposes, for family reunions, and for small businesses.

Games don't have to be sold or published, but we can certainly work with you on any growth or substantiation of your game you would like to try and achieve.
8. Marketing Your Game

Typically, any marketing initiatives are wrapped into the efforts made by the publisher. Whether it be self, or through a contracted publisher or licensor, any marketing efforts cannot be overlooked. Surely, you have taken some of the advice here and performed some market research during the planning stage, now it's time to put that research to use and get the word out.

At CGAC, w do offer some marketing solutions, both from an independent supplier should your be self publishing, or with our educational game and product catalog for the K-8 market.

Some of our direct to publisher solutions include website design, E Commerce and store setup, and online advertising.

Consider us an all-in-one solution for getting your game to market and sold to the general public.
9. Distribute Your Game

Your game is made. Now you want to reach the masses or ship what you have sold.

You can try and have your game listed on Amazon, E-bay or create your own storefront. We offer FREE 30 days storage for any game we manufacture and we offer full fulfillment services and ship via USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, LTL to all USA locations.

It is imperative that you are able to handle the orders as they come in ship in a timely manner to sustain your reputation and receive good reports for future orders. Do not attempt to go to market if you are not ready. Buyers of your game expect professional and timely response to their orders.

We are here to help you achieve these goals and look forward to working with you to produce a game we will both be proud of.

Good luck... It’s your move so roll the dice and take your turn.
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